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Cefaly Anti Migraine Headband Device

Cefaly Anti-Migraine Device for Drug-Free Migraine Relief

Are you looking for the best and effective migraine treatment?


We're here to help you!

After a thorough and steadfast research of migraine, we've developed an innovative headband to deal with migraine and other headaches in a more efficient manner.

Cefaly anti-migraine device is the ultimate solution to help treat and prevent migraines and headaches.


Innovative Drug-free Migraine Relief

Cefaly headband is the first pain-relieving electrotherapy device, which harnesses electric impulses to target the roots of migraines as well as other headaches. It gives drug-free migraine relief with the help of an advanced electrotherapy method.

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HeadHow Works

Cefaly migraine device is battery powered and sends mild stimulations that will reduce the pain, prevent attacks and reduce stress and anxiety.

How Cefaly Anti-migraine Device Works?

How does it wordsYou can simply attach the electrode to the forehead and slip on the Cefaly device.

A daily 20 minutes session of Cefaly headband can help you greatly reduce chronic migraine and repeated tension/ cluster headaches. The best part is that it cuts down your dependence on oral pain killing migraine remedies, because overuse of these medications can negatively affect you in the due course.


Why Cefaly Anti Migraine Is Best

ReviewsDuring the 5-years we invested on the Cefaly development, we have conducted scientific studies in specialized laboratories, university hospitals, and pain clinics. We studied individuals who were getting 2 migraine attacks per month. We recommended them to use Cefaly migraine device for 20 minutes per day for 3 months.


Ease of Using Cefaly Device

  • Firstly, clean your forehead skin and wear the Cefaly anti migraine electrode properly, with the narrowest part facing down, and keep the lower edge at the mid section of eyebrows. The central part should be raised to forehead level.
  • Remove the red tag to allow power flow to the device from battery
  • Lower the device's groove into the know on the electrode
  • Now, push the button and start your session
  • A single press is for treatment of a headache or migraine
  • The two consecutive presses is for migraine prevention
  • The three consecutive presses turns on the anti-stress program
  • The tingling and intensity of the device continues to increase. If you find it too intense, you can simply press the button once more to stabilize the intensity at the current level for the remainder of the session.


Dr Leonard Rose from the Melbourne Pain Management Clinic says electrical nerve stimulation is nothing new but the Cefaly makes it more accessible and easier to use. He along with headache specialist Doctor Peter Selvaratnam have been trialing it on their patients.

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The Cefaly Device

  • More than 87% of users confirmed clear-cut improvement
  • 79% of individuals considerably reduced their drugs intake
  • 75% of stress related headaches disappeared like magic
  • There was about 65% decrease in the in the intensity of pain after 20 minutes session
  • 66% reduction in the frequency of attacks

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Cefaly migraine device is a proven effective treatment for long term stress relief and migraine prevention. If you need more information before you buy Cefaly Device please feel free to contact our support team anytime.

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