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As Cefaly is a TENS Machine you may be able to make a claim through your Private Health Fund

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Now available in Australia, Cefaly is a drug-free method for treating migraine pain and preventing migraine headaches from ever occurring. Cefaly is clinical proven. It treats migraine pain with neurostimulation – a stimulus that limits pain signals from the nerve centre by working on the trigeminal nerve where migraine headaches start. The patented treatment changes the trigger threshold of migraine headaches. As the pain threshold becomes harder to reach, migraine headaches are less frequent, less painful, and simply disappear. It offers patients suffering from migraine pain and headaches an efficient electrotherapeutical treatment delivered via an extremely comfortable, ergonomic and simple-to-use medical device.

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Cefaly Editorial

This editorial was published in the Medical Republic issue February 9, 2017.

A/Prof Richard Stark, Alfred Hosp. Melbourne, speaks about non-drug strategies in migraine management

Watch this short video to get an overview of non-drug strategies for chronic migraine patients and helpful hints for diagnosis. from a leading Neurologist with a special interest in headache and migraine.


Dr Len Rose speaks about Cefaly for Healthcare Professionals

Watch this video to see how Cefaly can help my patients with a non-drug approach to managing migraine, from an experienced Pain Physician and GP.


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