How does the Cefaly work?

Cefaly is a new DRUG-FREE method for treating and preventing migraines and headaches, which works at the root of the problem. The Cefaly method works on the trigeminal nerve. The main branch of the trigeminal nerve circles through the front of the head. This is where Cefaly Neurostimulation is applied. During a migraine or headache attack, the acute setting (Program 1) produces a sedative effect that gives significant pain relief for 85% of patients. The prevent setting (Program 2), when used daily reduces the trigger threshold of migraines and reduces the frequency of attacks. The safety-efficacy ratio (the possible side effects vs the benefit) is better than any anti-migraine medication. Cefaly is becoming the first line treatment and is the solution for most patients.

Neurostimulation of the trigeminal nerve with:

  • Cefaly acute setting – Program 1 (high frequency, single long session) produces a sedative effect on the nervous system that relieves headache pain.
  • Cefaly prevent setting – Program 2 (low frequency, daily short sessions) restores progressively a normal metabolism in the fronto-temporal cortex of migraineurs; that is to say an improvement of the migraine-triggering threshold, which consequently reduces the frequency of migraine attacks.

New Features of the New Cefaly Electromagnetic:

(1)The “spectacle” bands have been removed and replaced by magnetic contacts

(2) It is now rechargeable by a USB cable instead of being battery-powered

(3)The sound of the device has been toned down for better comfort

(4)The sensation given by the device is now less intense, again for better comfort

(5) Smaller in size (compact).

The Cefaly set includes Cefaly Set Includes: Cefaly device Detailed instruction manual Cefaly electrode Skin-cleansing wipe Storage case Power adapter + cable

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