How to use Cefaly?

More than 95% of users find Cefaly very easy to use.

Just press one button and the session starts automatically.
In practice, a Cefaly session involves 6 stages:


Cleansing the skin

Carefully cleanse the skin on the forehead using a “Prepare” cleansing wipe or soap and water. This step is essential for degreasing the skin and ensuring that the electrode will effectively stick to the skin.

Cleansing the skin

Positioning the electrode

Use a mirror to help you place the electrode on your forehead correctly. The narrowest part of the electrode should point down towards your nose. The lower, curved edge should be placed just above the top of the eyebrows.

Positioning the electrode

Placing Cefaly

Hold the device and bring the rear side of the device with the two magnets against the central part of the electrode. The device is attracted by the two contact zones of the electrode and gets automatically into position.

Placing Cefaly png


Program 1 

Press the button once to select and start Program 1. You will hear a single beep. Program 1 is designed to treat migraine attacks.

  • A session with the acute setting lasts one hour. It must be used during the migraine attack and may be repeated for a second 60-minute session if the migraine pain is not relieved within two hours, or if another migraine attack occurs.

Program 2

Press the button twice in succession to select and start Program 2. You will hear two successive beeps. Program 2 is designed to prevent migraines.

  • A session with the prevent setting lasts 20-minutes. It must be used daily and may be done at any time throughout the day, though an evening session is preferred
Adjusting the intensity of Cefaly

Adjusting the intensity

The intensity will gradually increase during the first 14 minutes of the session. If the sensation becomes too intense, press the button once to stabilize the intensity. The sensation will not increase again on its own over the course of the session.

You may choose to increase the intensity again by pressing and holding the button: when you press the button the intensity increases and it will stabilize again when the button is released.

Starting Cefaly

Duration and ending the session

The device automatically switches off at the end of a session (one hour for the acute setting and twenty minutes for the prevent setting). Remove the device by pulling it forward, away from the electrode.

adjust the duration and ending the session

Helpful tips

  • Cefaly treatment:
    Make sure you use the device every day on Level 2 for prevention at night for best results
  • Electrodes:
    – The electrodes are good for 15 to 30 sessions depending on usage and storage. The conductive gel needs to stay moist in order to work properly. Once the gel dries, the electrode needs to be changed. We suggest keeping it in a zip-lock bag between uses. Electrodes can also be reactivated by adding a few drops of water to the gel.
  • Wipes:
    When the wipes provided run out you may clean your forehead with mild soap and water and dry before positioning the electrode.
  • Intensity: When using Cefaly for the first time – to get the best results, after commencing the treatment push the button once when the sensation becomes uncomfortable and the intensity will stop rising, do this for a few days/weeks and gradually your tolerance will increase and you will be able to withstand the full treatment.